Virtual Center for Pedagogical Innovation

The mission of the Virtual Center for Pedagogical Innovation (CVIP) is to develop initiatives of excellence in innovative pedagogy for UCA and member establishments, and to bring the support and accompaniment necessary to this end, from the point of viewing of using pedagogy as a tool, functioning as a means of learning and a network of actors.

It is a resource center for facilitate the transformation of education.

Are you a teacher?

Would you like to rethink your courses or be trained in new pedagogies?

Participate in our CAIeRO days, sign up for our Innovative Pedagogy diploma program, and follow our seminars!


Are you a company ?

Do you have an idea that you want to turn into a concept? Do you need a demo or prototype to test one of your concepts?

Demola and the INVENT@UCA program are the solution for you!


Are you a student ? 

Take advantage of the opportunity to take part in innovative training courses designed to boost your CV!

Discover our Demola program to co-create and innovate with companies.


For Teachers

  • CAIeRO Offer (Creating Aligned Interactive educational Resource Opportunities)


What is CAIeRO ?

It is a tool at the disposal of UCA teachers to support the creation of innovative blended learning courses. During an intensive 2-day training course, you will be accompanied by expert educational designers trained in the CAIeRO approach.


Two CAIeRO sessions were launched in 2017

50 UCA member teachers have already been trained to design 11 master's programmes (UNS, SKEMA, CNRS, INRA) during intensive training days in February and May 2017.


Visit our website soon to find out the dates of future sessions, hosted by UCA facilitators.

For more information on the CAIeRO method:

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  • Diploma in Innovative Pedagogy (DU-PI)

An original training course lasting 3 months (from April to June) to accompany teachers in the transformation of their courses or educational programs.

The curriculum consists of three modules:

    • Module 1 : Plan your course (objectives, evaluation)
    • Module 2 : Create your course (resources, activities)
    • Module 3 : Facilitate your course (practice and coaching)

You will be ready for the next school year with your transformed courses !


Training from 2018 onwards

Visit the site starting in 2018

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  • Competency-based approach programm (APC)


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For Students


  • Programme INVENT@UCA




INVENT@UCA develops an innovative and integrated educational path that offers students and companies a real opportunity of progressive personal achievement in innovation and entrepreneurship.

This is achieved through a combined approach of digital transformation projects based on real-life business cases and knowledge acquisition by hybrid and practical lessons.


Participate in the DEMOLA program, 3 months of IMMERSION in a company-student co-creation program with real cases

First session in September 2017!  For more information:

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