The Center for Modeling, Simulation and Interactions

The Center for Modeling, Simulation and Interactions

The mastery of the methods and the tools of modeling and simulation represent a major stake in numerous scientific disciplines with the perspective of addressing current and future challenges in research and innovation. To meet this challenge, one must develop a transversal scientific and technical environment. In this way, the Center for Modeling, Simulation and Interaction (MSI) will be a focal point for men and women and ideas situated on the Sophia Campus.  Moreover, this initiative aims at structuring transdisciplinary exchanges in as much as the MSI will offer common language to the various disciplines which is a charactistic feature of UCAJEDI.


Stéphane Descombes, Director of MSI

Professeur des universités - laboratory JA Dieudonné (UNS, CNRS)

    MSI will allow :

  • The inception of high level programs  (initial, advanced and continuing) in modeling and scientific computing.         
  • Scientific animation within the framework of thematic workshops, meetings with the diverse UCA actors on modeling, simulation, computation, visualization.           
  • The creation of a strong link with the local industrial base and digital simulation linked to the reference centers.              

The MSI will be run by a director who will pilot the engineers in charge of producing actions on behalf of the MSI. This center will be granted annual, specific credits (operations, equipment, HR).


  • Decision level : The MSI Board decides on actions to be taken and informs the IDEX President and his/her cabinet.             
  • Evaluationex post : By the strategic committees