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Temporary housing for UCA scientists and teachers


The Faculty Club UCA (50 apartments) offers temporary housing for scientists, postdocs, PhD students and academic personnel: from studio apartments to 2 bedroom apartments. Included: fully equipped kitchen, own bathroom, TV, Wifi, housekeeping service. Temporary rentals available for a few days up to 3 months. Please reserve online on our website below.

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Address : 22 route de Turin, 06300 Nice

Rental inquiry form Faculty Club

Please provide the Welcome Center with the requested information in the form below at least 7 working days prior to the desired start of your stay in the Faculty Club. We might not be able to attribute you an apartment on shorter notice. Priority access to the Faculty Club apartments will be given to guests of UCA members benefiting from IDEX UCAJEDI funding. Other guests of the 13 UCA members will have priority over any other requests for the remaining unoccupied apartments. To determine priority access, please provide detailed information about the reasons for your visit. Indicate the host institution and a local contact person who can confirm your invitation. The form can be submitted by the visitor or the contact person in the hosting institute or laboratory.
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You will receive an automatic confirmation email.
The Welcome Center will deal with your inquiry and contact you by email if an apartment is available for you. We might propose alternative dates or apartment sizes, if your preferred dates or apartment types are unavailable and inform you about the procedure to finalize your reservation