Pedagogical Innovation

Pedagogical Innovation

A virtual Center for Pedagogical Innovation (VCPI) will bring together available skills, instruments and databases, accessible on a dedicated platform, in order to enrich students’ and/or employees' training, and in order to accompany innovative entrepreneurs.

The main goal of this action is to create experimental venues for innovative digital teaching composing a Virtual Center for Pedagogical Innovation (VCPI) which will bring together skills, instruments and available databases to enrich the training of students, personnel and entrepreneurs. In addition to the equipment and the accompaniment for creating digital resources, the venues will also be designed so as to enable all teachers instant access, in all de-materialised formats available (audio, video, text, multimedia) to the latest publications in their discipline, giving them great freedom in preparing their classes.
The VCPI UCAJEDI, by means of its branches, will support this ambition through:

  • training and accompaniment in teaching engineering and techniques (including docimology);
  • technological, scientific and partnership watch, moderation of partners’ workshops in the domain, commercialization of partners’ facilities and actions as well as organizing their export of them to the international stage.

UCAJEDI, combined with member establishment funding, will be aimed at supporting the following activities:

  • inverse teaching combined with discovery teaching
  • project teaching in teams for proactive and committed students
  • encouragement teaching combined with formative assessment (ongoing, diversified – especially based on skills and on peer-to- peer evaluation) with strong incentives for success (prizes and funding for studies)
  • experimental/simulation teaching (especially through the creation of experimental simulation centers and intensive use of computer-aided experimentation).

Implementation of these new approaches goes hand-in-hand with the acquisition of new teaching resources available remotely (enhanced teaching media, bibliography, evaluations). These actions will be extended to all UCA students, with a particular focus on increasing university graduation rates, through a new IDEFI-N project submitted by UCA.