Nicolas Glaichenhaus



  • 2005 : Member of the Institut Universitaire de France
  • 1998 : Elected of the European Molecular Biology Organization


Nicolas Glaichenhaus has contributed 85 publications in prime scientific journals such as Science, Nature Medicine, Immunity, The Journal of Experimental Medicine and PlosPathogens. Nicolas Glaichenhaus is also a member of the i-Share team and coordinator of this cohort for the University Nice Sophia Antipolis.

For many years, his laboratory research efforts have been directed to investigate immune responses in mouse models of infectious disease, autoimmunity or allergies. A few years ago, Nicolas Glaichenhaus decided to change topics and to focus his research on elucidating how the brain and the immune system interact with each other. One of his current project aims at elucidating the molecular and cellular mechanisms by which environmental signals, perceived by the brain, regulate immunity to viruses, bacteria and tumor cells. As a collaborative project with a large pharmaceutical company, Nicolas Glaichenhaus is also trying to establish the basis for a paradigm-changing therapeutic approach to treat immune-mediated inflammatory diseases by means of personalized electrical modulation of peripheral nerves.