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LIFE - Graduate school in Life and Health Sciences

Leveraging Science to the next level

Our training programs

We are aiming at « Training a new generation of life scientists who will be able to tackle fundamental changes in sciences and
become world-changing actors for the implementation of the societal and economic developments. »
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About us

The School of LIFE & HEALTH SCIENCES gathers 9 Internationally recognised institutes and Centres for Innovation and Partnerships across 3 campuses and about 1,000 researchers working in 82 research teams.

These laboratories are under the supervision of UCA, CNRS, INSERM, INRAE, CEA, INRIA.

LIFE institutes and centers are affiliated with 2 laboratories of Excellence in Research : SIGNALIFE & ICST

The focus of LIFE is on master and doctoral degrees with a strong link between education and research, training in laboratories or private companies.

LIFE is...

At a glance

Laurent Counillon, Sophie Demolombe 

Graduate School of Life & Health Sciences

65 avenue Valrose, Campus Valrose.
06108 Nice, France

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