• University of Leeds, United Kingdom
• IRSTEA, France


36 mois
(septembre 2017- septembre 2019)


Budjet: 10M€


MARACANA – MAnaging Risk cAsCAdes by engaging NAture: Using Nature Based Solutions (NBS) to reduce risk cascades from flooding, landslides and droughts in natural and 'peri-urban' catchments

Objectif général

MARACANA is a multi-disciplinary consortium that will co-produce, through stakeholder engagement, a knowledge based decision framework for evaluating and implementing NBS that will improve European coordination in climate adaptation and biodiversity initiatives, and support a citizen led revival of environmental functionality and NBS for risk management, positioning Europe as a global market leader in NBS.

Objectifs opérationnels

The primary objectives focus on the design, evaluation and integration of NBS into an eco-engineered risk management decision framework as follows:

1) Taking NBS from research to deployment within large scale demonstration catchments

2) Generate stakeholder identified and supported KPIs for NBS that underpin a GIS based decision support platform

3) Defining a suite of NBS for implementation, elevating the research elements from Technical Research Level 3 to TRL6

4) Consider bridging information gaps to support a more sustainable society through co-production of best practice, providing extension opportunities through workshops to communicate and disseminate project results

5) A more effective policy and supportive regulatory situation for the implementation of NBS within the EU

6) Building a systems dynamic model for NBS that includes LULC that assists in practical decision making shifting NBS understanding and deployment from TRL3-TRL7 over the life of the project

7) Regional decision makers are able to implement and maintain a hydrometeorological NBS risk management strategy that is funded, resilient and sustainable


28 Partners

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#Water-climate interactions

#Spatial and regional planning

#Catchment scale water management

#Risk management

#Habitat and species restoration and rehabilitation

#Environmental sciences (social aspects)

#Natural Assurance Schemes

#Assessment of Ecosystem Services

#Demonstration Living Labs

#Stakeholders and industry engagement


#Policy mainstreaming