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MODELIFE Annual Meeting

05/11/2019   :   09h00 ▸ 06/11/2019   :   18h00
Publication : 05/11/2019
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Call for participation: talks, posters!

UCAncer "Modeling the plasticity of cancer stem cells:
from fundamental mechanisms to novel bioactive molecules"

Mus-Vuteau Isabelle/Cazals Frédéric

Human Na+/H+ exchangers fractionate stable lithium isotopes

Counillon Laurent

Modelling lung’s airflows and mechanics in realistic lung’s geometries

Mauroy Benjamin

Bacterial biofilm translocation on osmotic gradients

Seminara Agnese

Formal methods for models in Biology

Bernot Gilles, Collavizza Hélène, Comet Jean-Paul

Multiple scattering-assisted fluorescence amplification: towards  biological applications

Lippi Gian Luca, Brau Frédéric, Bonnefond Sylvain


Panicein A Hydroquinone inhibits Patched drug efflux activity and
increases vemurafenib efficacy against melanoma cells in vitro and in

Laurie Signetti, Nelly Durand, Robert Ballotti, Stéphane Azoulay and Isabelle