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Project name PI1 PI2 Partners Duration
SHAPING LIFE M. Rauzi IBV 4 years
VADER B. Mauroy LJAD 4 years
COllective MOtion of Phytophthora ZOOspores X. Noblin  E. Galiana INPHYNI & INRA 2 years

Modeling the plasticity of cancer stem cells:
from fundamental mechanisms to novel bioactive molecules

F. Cazals I. Mus-Veteau Inria & IPMC 3 years
Biofilms as active polymeric mixtures: osmotic response to a
changing physical environment
A. Seminara Inphyni 1 year
Magneto-microfluidic immunoassays with nanoparticles P. Kuzhir Inphyni 1 year
Dynamic response and optical stimulations S. Barland Inphyni 1 year
Swimming Underwater roBOT M. Argentina Inphyni 1 year
The Digital Heart M. Sermesant Inria 1 year
Biology and Physics of invasive fungal growth R. Arkowitz IBV 3 years
Project Wave IMAGing Migliaccio LEAT/I3S 1 year
Modelling lung’s airflows and mechanics in realistic lung’s geometries B. Mauroy LJAD 1 year

Dynamical expanding networks: Modeling, Analysis & Simulation
of multi-scale spatial exploration under constraints.

Y. D'Angelo LJAD 1 year
Modeling adipose tissue depots expansion J. Gilleron C3M 1 year
Quantitative analysis of exovesicle transport dynamics in
the Zebrafish Left/Right organizer
M. Fürthauer X. Descombes IBV/Inria 1 year
Stable Isotopes Transport and Homeostasis L. Counillon LPMC 1 year
Developing and Structuring Biophotonics at UCA G.L. Lippi INPHYNI 1 year
Interaction between cells and nanowires for the realization of
an optogenetic platform
B. Alloing CRHEA 1 year
NODES: New Optical DEtection Schemes for biology G.L. Lippi INPHYNI 1 year