PARCOURS - Conseiller Clientèle de Professionnels (CCPRO)

  • Economy-Management
PARCOURS - Conseiller Clientèle de Professionnels (CCPRO)

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This master trains bank employees, operational in positions directly linked to professional customers. It allows you to obtain a state diploma coupled with a professional diploma recognized by the entire profession. Read more


2 years
EUR Economie et Management
Campus Saint Jean d'Angély



  • 100% work-study program


Logo ES Banque
Logo ES Banque




In partnership with the ESB (Ecole Supérieure de la Banque), the second year of the Master MBFA course "Conseiller Clientèle de Professionnels" trains bank employees, quickly operational in the positions of Professional Client Advisor (traders, craftsmen, professions). liberal, individual entrepreneurs ...). Highly sought after by banking establishments, they manage the private and professional needs of their clients. The targeted professions mainly concern retail banking. In particular: Professional account manager; Business manager; Bank branch manager; Risk and commitment analyst.

The training is provided by academics and by stakeholders from the banking and financial sector selected by the CFPB and aims to offer operational skills in the monitoring and management of a portfolio of professional clients. At the end of this training, students obtain a national master's degree and the professional certification of Professional Client Advisor issued by the ESB.


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Logo du Gredeg

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Logo de l'ESB

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Undergraduate level

Students with a bachelor's degree in Economics and Management, a bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics in Social Sciences (MASS), a professional license in Banking, Insurance, Finance.

Conditions of applications

Dematerialized application files.

Send the application through the ecandidat platform

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Conditions of specific applications

International candidates outside exchange programs must apply on the platform "Études en France" - French Agency in the favor of graduate studies, welcoming foreign students and mobility programs. This platform allows people from certain countries to come to France to start or continue a university program.
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Conditions of admission / Conditions of successful application

The admission criteria on file take into account the academic level since the baccalaureate, the level in fundamental subjects in economics and finance, a minimum level of French of C1 (for non-French speakers), the project and professional experiences.
An initial selection on file will give rise to an oral interview with the training directors.
Obtaining a work-study contract will be an asset in the selection process.


NASICA Eric - Produits structurés, stratégies d'options et de couverture
MAY Cathy - Economic and financial issues
ORIOL Nathalie - Outils et techniques de la gestion de portefeuille
NASICA Eric et BRUNO Olivier - Méthodologie du mémoire
CIOSI Franck - Produits structurés, stratégies d'options et de couverture
PANSARD Fabrice - Outils et techniques de la gestion de portefeuille 
TIGLI Nathalie - Outils et pratiques de la gestion et de l'analyse financière 1
CLEMENT Adeline - Outils et pratiques de la gestion et de l'analyse financière 2
LIPARI Giovanni - Ingénierie patrimoniale, règlementation et conformité 1
FRANCESCON Ivo - Ingénierie patrimoniale, règlementation et conformité
BUNETA Anthony - Ingénierie patrimoniale, règlementation et conformité 2
FIORENTINI Michaël - Ingénierie patrimoniale, règlementation et conformité 2
MONDOLONI Cyril - Ingénierie patrimoniale, règlementation et conformité 3
LE MARREC Julien - Ingénierie patrimoniale, règlementation et conformité 3

Divers intervenants professionnels (directeurs d’agence, cadres confirmés) du secteur bancaire sélectionnés chaque année par l'ESB - Connaître, développer, entretenir son portefeuille de clients professionnels dans la banque (70 H), gérer les risques des professionnels (49 H), et proposer des solutions bancaires adaptées aux besoins des clients professionnels de la banque (119 H)

In M2 - Mandatory 6-month internship

School and work experience alternating

The training takes place from September to the end of April at the rate of 1 week of lessons / 1 week in a company. From the beginning of May, work-study students are 100% in business.

Part of the classes are assessed in continuous assessment (personal work, group work, oral presentations) and the other part is assessed in the form of final terms (exams that last from 1 to 2 hours). Group work is assessed by students giving back essays that also count in the grading of the internship.
The validation of the 4 teaching units carried out by the ESB is carried out through a written test and a transversal oral test covering these teaching units.

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Year of highschool graduation

Undergraduate level

Level of education obtained after completion

Graduate level

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  • Analyze the risks and regulatory tools of financial markets
  • Evaluate the financial risks of credit and financial investment files
  • Use the new forms of financing offered
  • Manage clients' assets and advise them in their investment choices
  • Conduct an information watch on the direction of the financial markets and their new tools
  • Manage a banking and financial institution and supervise its staff
  • Evaluate and value the main financial products
  • Measure and cover the risks associated with market and credit activities
  • Evaluate financial products
  • Measure the risks and performance of a securities portfolio
  • Manage and cover the financial risks of accounts and investments
  • Advise clients to define their objectives and investment needs within an appropriate legal and tax framework
  • Establish a heritage balance sheet
  • Negotiate with professional and private clients
  • Implement good practices in terms of compliance and ethics
  • Apply the regulatory framework in which financial transactions are carried out
  • Analyze and intervene in the capital markets

Target activities / attested skills

A student who has validated his MBFA Master's degree option "Professional Client Advisor" is able to:
  • Advise professional clients on their investment and investment strategy
  • Master the techniques and tools of financial analysis
  • Master commercial negotiations with professional clients

 Master 1 MBFA students, if successful in their exams, are by right allowed into the Master 2 course CCPRO.
Master 2 students can continue their study by opting for a PHD, subject to obtaining funding.


Business sector or job

Client advisor to professionals, point of sale or agency manager, risk and commitment analyst, SME / SMI business manager, manager in banking operations, bank customer management, customer relations, banking / finance ...

96% of graduates find a job (source: OVE 2018 survey)


Registration fees for the national diplomas are set each year at national level. You will also have to pay a student and campus life contribution (CVEC) to the CROUS prior to any registration.

Once the registration authorization has been issued, candidates must proceed to their online registrations.
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