PARCOURS - Conseils en Organisation et Responsabilité Sociale (CORS)

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PARCOURS - Conseils en Organisation et Responsabilité Sociale (CORS)

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This course aims to offer training in the activities and professions of organizational consulting, auditing and corporate social responsibility. Read more


Initial training / Accessible for resumption of studies / Alternance (Apprenticeship, Contrat de professionnalisation)
2 years
EUR Economie et Management
Campus Saint Jean d'Angély



Initial training
Continuous training
Study while doing an apprenticeship (Only in master 2)

  • Professional contract
  • Apprenticeship contract




The Conseil en Organisation et Responsabilité Sociale course more specifically offers training in the activities and professions of organizational consulting, auditing and corporate social responsibility. It enables the acquisition of skills specific to the diagnosis and development of HR policies, those of social responsibility, team or project management. It trains students in the evaluation of decision-making, in the tools of social and organizational audit. The course aims to understand the impact of HR management on the organization of companies and their ability to innovate.

To find out the satisfaction rate for the course, please contact the leaders of courses.
The success rate is 100% in 2020/2021.


Training accessible to people with a handicap.
Consul the website "Mission Handicap"

Training eligible for "MON COMPTE FORMATION"</



Logo du GREDEG
Logo du GREDEG

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logo du CFA EPURE

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This master's degree is aimed at students with a license in Economics, Management, Economics / Management, AES, Law, Psychology and possibly a professional license in the previous fields.

Conditions of applications

Dematerialized application files.
Send the application through the "Mon Master" platform for the 1st year, and through the ecandidat platform for the 2nd year.
Check the procedures

Conditions of specific applications

International candidates outside exchange programs must apply on the platform "Études en France" - French Agency in the favor of graduate studies, welcoming foreign students and mobility programs. This platform allows people from certain countries to come to France to start or continue a university program.
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Conditions of admission / Conditions of successful application

The Master is selective. Candidates must apply on e-candidat to obtain an opinion from the admissions committee. As such, they must submit a motivation letter and a CV to the Graduate School of Economics and Management.


Master 1
Semestre 1

UE Économie de l'entreprise (6 ECTS)
Comptabilité et lecture des bilans 
Économie du travail et politique de l'emploi

UE Économie et Management des entreprises (6 ECTS)
Digitalisation et nouvelles pratiques de travail
Management stratégique des organisations
Qualité vie au travail dans l'entreprise contemporaine

UE Environnement concurrentiel de l’entreprise (6 ECTS)
Concurrence et stratégies d'entreprises
Droit social international

UE Environnement juridique de l’entreprise (6 ECTS)
Droit des contrats d'affaires
Droit du travail

UE Outils linguistiques et informatiques (6 ECTS)
Gestion de la paie
Professional Skills and corporate culture
Semestre 2

UE Contrôle et pilotage social (6 ECTS)
Business plan
Contrôle et audit social

UE Gestion des emplois. compétences et épargne salariale (6 ECTS)
Gestion épargne salariale
Gestion prévisionnelle emplois compétences 1

UE Management stratégique des ressources humaines (3 ECTS) 
Management des talents
Recrutement et fidélisation

UE PPR Stage et alternance (15 ECTS)
Mémoire appliqué - stage CORS
Méthodologie des mémoires appliqués CORS
Professional Skills and Corporate Culture 2
Séminaires professionnels et insertion professionnelle
Master 2


  • Master 1 : 8 weeks minimum for initial training 
  • Master 2 : 4 months minimum for initial training 

What's next ?

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Code RNCP : 34043

Target activities / attested skills

Holders of the diploma will be able to:
  • Understand the activities, strategies and organizational methods of companies
  • Make organizational diagnoses
  • Recommend the most suitable solution for the company's strategy and its constraints
  • Master project management and intervention and communication methods
  • Write an audit or mission report and present the results of the mission to the actors
  • Master the tools and techniques of performance and compliance audit
  • Develop and implement survey and social management tools
  • Deploy a sustainable development policy
  • Master knowledge and skills management tools
  • Carry out the engineering of complex skills development systems
  • Master HR systems and skills

Business sector or job

Graduates may consider the following jobs:
  • Organization Auditors
  • Social Auditors
  • Social Responsibility Auditors
  • Social Accountability Officers
  • Organization Consultants
  • HRM Consultants
  • Change Management Consultants
  • Occupational Risk Consultants
  • Project managers in (re)-organization
  • HR Development Managers
  • Talent Manager...


The induction rate for this course is 75,33% (average rate of the last 3 years) 6 months after graduation. 


Registration fees for the national diplomas are set each year at national level. You will also have to pay a student and campus life contribution (CVEC) to the CROUS prior to any registration.

 Once the registration authorization has been issued, candidates must proceed to their online registrations.
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