DU Direction et Management des Établissements Sanitaires et Médico-Sociaux

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DU Direction et Management des Établissements Sanitaires et Médico-Sociaux

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The main objective of the training is to continuously optimize the quality of the care offered to its residents, through its expertise in the fields of medicine and medical support for the elderly. Read more


Diplôme d'université
EUR Economie et Management
Campus Saint Jean d'Angély





The Directors of the various establishments are engaged in continuous training actions in order to acquire, maintain and improve their skills in the fields of management and management.

The training takes the form of seminars or regular conference cycles adapted to the major evolutions of professions in the field of accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people in order to update the knowledge of the staff and management of such establishments.


Groupe ORPEA

Groupe ORPEA



Holders of a Bac + 2; selection on the basis of a study of the candidate's files.

Open for everyone

Conditions of applications

By application file

Conditions of specific applications

Selection on the basis of the candidate's files by an educational committee.


Human Resources Management - 20 h
Social Management Control - 20 h
Practical scenario: time management, quality approach, care, safety and residents - 40 h

Compatibility with a professional activity

This university training course takes place over half days during several weeks.

Validation progressive par modules et soutenance finale d’un projet.

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  • General skills in the health and medico-social sectors applied to the management of Establishments Housing Dependent Elderly Persons (EHPAD) or Follow-up Care and Rehabilitation or Psychiatric Clinics.

Target activities / attested skills

Deepening of theoretical and practical knowledge in order to acquire the skills essential to the exercise of their functions as Directors of health or health and social establishments.

Business sector or job

Management of health and social establishments.

Training for already working individuals.


  500 €

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