DU - Préparation linguistique aux études d'économie et de management pour le 1er cycle

  • Economy-Management
DU - Préparation linguistique aux études d'économie et de management pour le 1er cycle

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This DU is intended for non-French speaking students who wish to enter the Licence Économie Gestion Read more


Diplôme d'université
Portail Économie-Gestion / EUR Economie et Management
Campus Saint Jean d'Angély





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The DU 1st cycle Linguistic Preparation for Studies in Economics and Management is an intensive training that provides solid skills in the French language, thanks to 800 hours of French. The training is supplemented by 200 hours of specialized core studies in economics.

Students acquire a solid understanding of the French culture and environment, as well as a thorough mastery of university methodology, which prepares them for entry into the Licence Économie Gestion.




The candidate must:
  • Have a diploma from their country of origin
  • Have a good academic record (grades obtained)
  • Have a minimum level of French A2+ validated by a score equal or superior to 250 in the TCF

This course is intended for international students who hold a high school diploma, equivalent to the French baccalaureate, who do not have a good level of French, and who wish to pursue a Licence Économie Gestion.

Conditions of applications

The application is carried out upon the submission of the following documents:
  • Secondary school diploma equivalent to the French baccalaureate obtained (or in the process of being obtained)
  • Academic background
  • Grades obtained
  • CV
  • A2+ level in French language validated by a score equal to or higher than 250 in the TCF


1000h of courses spread over 40 weeks:
  • 800h of French language and civilization
  • 200h of core specialized courses

Culture et civilisation française (20h)

  • Les temps forts de l’histoire de France
  • Géographie française
  • Marqueurs culturels français
  • Les médias

Histoire Géographie (20h)

  • Histoire économique
  • Histoires des révolutions industrielles
  • Mondialisation économique

Principes d’économies (20h)

  • Principes de microéconomie
  • Principes de macroéconomie
  • Faits stylisés contemporains

Mathématiques (20h)

  • Etude des fonctions
  • Introduction à l’optimisation

Découverte de l’entreprise (20h)

  • Les grands champs de la gestion
  • Formes légales
  • Structure

Environnement juridique français et européen (20h)

  • Institutions françaises et séparation des pouvoirs
  • Les grands principes du droit et de la justice
  • La construction européenne
  • Les institutions européennes

Statistiques descriptives (20h)

  • Principes élémentaires de la statistique descriptive

Introduction au management (20h)

  • Management et organisation
  • Le concept de management
  • Les écoles de pensée
  • Le rôle du manager

Anglais (20h)

  • Oral & written communication
  • Business in English
  • Public speaking
  • Cross-cultural debate

Méthodologie universitaire (20h)

  • La prise de note
  • La rédaction d’un examen
  • Rédiger une synthèse de documents
  • Rédiger un rapport de stage

French courses are delivered by teachers designated by the Alliance Française Nice Côte d'Azur. Specialized courses are delivered by teachers designated by the EUR ELMI.

Full time

The training begins with 800 hours of French courses, the 200 hours of specialized courses are concentrated in the second semester of the training.

Each specialized course is validated by continuous assessment and/or an exam at the end of the training.
The French courses are evaluated throughout the course.
Obtaining a TCF B2 at the end of the program is a prerequisite for passing the DU.

What's next ?

Target activities / attested skills

The targeted skills are:
  • Level B2 in the French language
  • Obtaining the necessary prerequisites for entry into the "Licence Economie Gestion"

This DU allows enrollment into the "Licence Économie Gestion" 1st cycle.


Registration considered after the evaluation of the candidate's application.