PARCOURS - Économie et Management des Entreprise et des Organisations (EMEO)

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PARCOURS - Économie et Management des Entreprise et des Organisations (EMEO)

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Initial training / Executive Education Program / Accessible for resumption of studies
2 years
Campus Saint Jean d'Angély / Campus Trotabas



Initial training
Continuous training
Study while doing an apprenticeship (Only in master 2)

  • Professional contract
  • Apprenticeship contract




The Economie des Organisations mention is a multidisciplinary selective professional training in Management, Economics and Law which offers two widely distinct study paths. The Economie et Management des Entreprises et des Organisations (EMEO) course aims to train in the management techniques necessary for adapting the organization of companies or administrations. It also trains students to understand the competitive environment of businesses and to acquire the knowledge necessary for their innovation and development strategies. The purpose of the course is to allow a deeper knowledge of the fundamentals of the economy and of business management or of the legal rules that characterize the business world, in particular SMEs and PMOs which are essential actors in the socio-economic network in many French regions.


Throughout the training, students acquire many skills such as :
  • Control organizational needs
  • Detect the organizational diagnosis
  • Undertake forms of change management
  • Know the forms of project management
  • Master the forms of management of SMEs, PMOs and Companies
  • Finding forms of industrial and commercial competition
  • Know the law of directors liability, company law and commercial law
  • Have the skills necessary for the creation and transfer of businesses
  • Be skilled with the forms of Management


  • This master benefits for its two courses from the support of CFA EPURE Méditerranée under the aegis of the PACA Regional Council to develop, integrate, professionalize and teach students. As such, the two courses can be followed in apprenticeship or professionalization contracts or in resumption of studies (fungecif contracts).
  • The course benefits from the support of the Corporate Relations department of EUR ELMI and therefore from many companies, administrations or large industrial groups that participate and contribute to financing learning and the professional integration of students.
  • The course also benefits from the support of many companies and administrations, some of whom intervene in the EMEO course. It also has the support of the CCI Côte d´Azur.


Campus Saint Jean d'Angély, Campus Trotabas

Person in charge of the academic program


Research center

Logo du Gredeg
Logo du Gredeg

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logo du CFA EPURE
logo du CFA EPURE

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Prerequisites for enrolment

High school level

Prerequisites training

Holder of a license in Economics and Management.

Conditions of applications

  • The course is aimed at holders of a license in Economics, Management, Economics / Management, AES, Law, Psychology and possibly a professional license in the previous fields
  • The course is selective. Candidates must apply on e-candidat to obtain an opinion from the admissions committee on their application.
  • It is strongly recommended that students apply to an apprenticeship or professionalization contract.
  • As such, they must submit an application letter and a CV to the Service Relations Entreprise of EUR ELMI.


School and work experience alternating

The 1st year of the course is half-yearly and can be carried out:

  • In initial training, in this case the students must complete an internship of at least 8 weeks starting the month of April
  • Work-study (apprenticeship or professionalization contracts) at a rate of 2 days in a company and 3 days at the University from October to the end of May then full-time in a company from April to September.

The 2nd year of the course can be followed:

  • Under apprenticeship or professionalization contracts at a rate of one week in a company / one week at the university or in initial training, in this case the students must complete an internship of at least 4 months starting the month of May.

What's next ?

Level of education obtained after completion

Year of highschool graduation

Undergraduate level

Level of education obtained after completion

Graduate level

Job opening

Business sector or job

After the Master, graduates can target the following jobs :
  • Managers of companies and public or private administrations
  • Managers
  • Administrative frameworks of SMEs and PMOs
  • Executives of territorial administrations
  • Administrative competitions for the professions concerned
  • Managers and administrators of social and associative establishments
  • Business managers
  • Public or private administration service managers
  • Organization Advisors
  • Staff manager of small and medium enterprises