PARCOURS - Economie et Management des Ressources Humaines (EMRH)

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PARCOURS - Economie et Management des Ressources Humaines (EMRH)

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The EMRH course of the Master Gestion des Ressources Humaines welcomes students in initial and work-study contracts under an apprenticeship or professionalization contract or resuming studies (Fongecif contracts). Read more


Initial training /
2 years
EUR Economie et Management
Campus Saint Jean d'Angély



Initial training
Continuous training
Study while doing an apprenticeship (Only in master 2)

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The EMRH course of the Master Gestion des Ressources Humaines welcomes students in initial and work-study contracts under an apprenticeship or professionalization contract or resuming studies (Fongecif contracts). As such, it has benefited from the support of a network of many partner companies and administrations for more than 15 years:
  • The CFA EPURE Méditerranée under the aegis of the PACA Regional Council to develop the integration, professionalization and learning of students.
  • The CCI Côte d'Azur, the National Association of Human Resources Directors, the International Association for Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • EUR ELMI and therefore many companies, administrations or large industrial groups which participate in the development of learning and the professional integration of students.
  • The Research Group in Economics, Law and Management (GREDEG) Joint Research Unit of the CNRS and the Université Côte d´Azur, of which many research themes correspond to the professional objectives of the training.

The course Economie et Management des Ressources Humaines is a multidisciplinary training in Management, Law, Economics and, to a lesser extent, in psychology and ICT. It trains executives in the areas of Human Resources and in organizational techniques related to Human Resources professions (HRD, Recruitment, Team Management, Business Organization Consulting, etc.). The training also aims to perfect the understanding of the functional tools of staff management. It allows students to master the fundamentals of business management, but also SMEs and PMOs or administrations which are essential actors in the economic and social network, especially in the PACA region.

Analyze and understand the strategies and modes of organization of companies or administrations

  • Master the forms of recruitment and training tools.
  • Process the financial and accounting files of the staff.
  • Provide information and advice to staff.
  • Manage staff management decision support files. Develop proposals for the development of skills in the medium and long term and break them down into action plans.
  • Control the evolution of the workforce and their adequacy to the needs of the companies within the framework of the GPEC. Establish appeal and progress files.

Understanding the economics of organizational structures

  • Control organizational needs. Carry out organizational, managerial and social diagnostics.
  • Study organizational innovation from a knowledge management perspective.
  • Be able to manage and / or create a business.
  • Be able to appreciate the use of HRMS.
  • Manage forms of organizational innovation related to HR.

Understanding the evolution of the labor market

  • Acquire knowledge of the competitive business environment.
  • Master the law of managerial responsibilities, labor law and commercial law.


Logo du GRedeg
Logo du GRedeg

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Undergraduate level

Students wishing to do their program by studying and working at the same time must mention this in a letter and contact Ms. Baldin by sending their CV and motivation letter to her.

It is not mandatory to have a work-study contract when submitting your application: if your application is admissible from an academic and pedagogical point of view, the end of September is the deadline for signing a work-study contract. The number of places being limited, the administrative team of the course let's students know as soon as the number of candidates with an admissible file and a work-study contract has been reached. It is therefore strongly recommended to obtain a work-study contract as soon as possible.

Conditions of applications

Dematerialized application files.
Send the application through the ecandidat platform
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It is necessary to prepare the following documents : recent photo, copy of passport (or identity card), latest diplomas and details of courses and grades, an application letter, a CV

Conditions of specific applications

International candidates outside exchange programs must apply on the platform "Études en France" - French Agency in the favor of graduate studies, welcoming foreign students and mobility programs. This platform allows people from certain countries to come to France to start or continue a university program.
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