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The Bachelor's degree in Chemistry is a multi-faceted study program aimed at understanding and manipulating matter, and working at the crossroads between several sciences. Read more


Initial training /
3 ans
Portail Sciences et Technologies
Nice Campus Valrose



The Bachelor's degree in Chemistry teaches students to understand and master theoretical concepts and experimental techniques of Chemistry, and thereby grasp in a critical way the properties of matter, how it is transformed and modeled, from the atomic to the macroscopic level. In addition to degree-specific subject matter, students also learn to develop a scientific approach and argumentation.

Examine the properties of matter, from the atomic to the macroscopic level, and its transformations by mastering the theoretical concepts and experimental techniques of Chemistry and related disciplines. Develop a pertinent scientific approach based on the physicochemical properties and the transformation of matter and its modeling while developing an open and critical mind. Develop a logical argument in order to present results in a clear and rigorous way by using terminology specific to Chemistry in French and in English. Develop autonomy in individual, team and collaborative projects, which combine conceptualizing and implementing experiments in the fields of Chemistry. Implement the main techniques of analysis and synthesis, in compliance with the rules of Health and Safety, in the context of a chemistry laboratory. Understand the different specialties and jobs open to chemists, in order to help students prepare a professional project centered on chemistry.

More than 1,100 hours of degree-specific courses, covering the following branches of chemistry: Physico-Chemistry: solution equilibria, chemical thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, electrochemistry. Organic Chemistry: nomenclature and rules of reactivity, functional organic chemistry, synthesis strategy. Inorganic Chemistry: study of the properties of elements, solid materials and polymers, structure and reactivity of transition metal compounds. Theoretical Chemistry and spectroscopy: Atomistics and molecular properties, theories of symmetry and Hückel theory, UV, IR, NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry. These degree-specific courses are completed by courses in Mathematics, English and modules preparing for specific professions.

Faculté des Sciences, Université Nice-Sophia Antipolis/Université Côte d'Azur

Serge Antonczak : porteur de la maquette et coordinateur 3ème année - Sandra Olivero : coordinatrice 2ème année - Nathalie Sauret : coordinatrice 1ère année



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