Executive training - MIAGE e-MBDS - Mobiquity, Big Data, and Systems Integration

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Executive training - MIAGE e-MBDS - Mobiquity, Big Data, and Systems Integration

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The MIAGE e-MBDS (Mobiquity, Big Data and Systems Integration) executive training program trains students to become web and mobile application developers in a massive data environment. Read more


Executive Education Program /
1 an
EUR Systèmes Numériques pour l’Humain


Offered by

E-Candidat Application 2022/23


Executive Education Program

  • 100 % distance learning
  • in English
  • Tuition fees : 7443 € (2021/22)


The MIAGE e-MBDS (Mobiquity, Big Data and Systems Integration) executive training program develops knowledge and skills in Java Script, databases, machine learning and Hadoop in particular.

This course is available for initial training. Find out more ...


  • In partnership with Oracle

  • Acquire key skills in the field of Big Data

  • 100% distance learning

Irina Mok (Feb 2020):
"It was great to be a part of eMBDS program. I was very pleased with the selection of courses as they covered the latest and greatest technologies on the market. I also was impressed with professors' knowledge level, and amount of work they put into their classes... "
Zolbayar Zorigoo (Oct 2020):
"The eMBDS program offered by with a partnership with datum academy and Oracle University will boost your technical knowledge and allows you to master all hands-on expertise in emerging technology. I can recommend this unique opportunity to anyone who wants to advance their career and deepen their IT credentials".




This executive training program is open to holders of a Master 1 or equivalent, as well as to professionals who have validated their professional experience (VAE)

Conditions of applications

Entry to this programme is selective.

2022/2023 Applications

  • E-candidat Process: From 1/01 to 31/08/22

Online application only. No documents received by post or e-mail will be considered.
Only applications submitted by the deadline and via the official application platforms will be considered.

Choose the right application platform according to your profile

Conditions of admission / Conditions of successful application

Your file should contain the following documents which will contribute to the evaluation of your application:


Postgraduate transcripts
  • Subjects considered: Computer science, Management, Mathematics, English
  • Core subjects for which the lack of knowledge is prohibitive: Management, Mathematics
  • Are repetition or compensation assessment criteria? YES
  • Analysis of the coherence between the path followed and the degree envisaged? YES
Motivation letter and professional project description
  • Consistency between the degree envisaged and the description of the professional project 
  • Quality of writing (spelling, structural or syntactic errors)
  • A standard letter without details will be grounds for refusal.
  • Coherence of thought (development of the argument)
  • Your CV should summarise the useful skills you have acquired through your previous experience and identify elements of your personality.
English level
  • CECRL C2 + written and spoken professional English (courses are held in English)


Recommendation letter(s)
  • The letter(s) of recommendation are not part of the selection criteria but can support the application


The e-MBDS executive training program  stands for a Master 2 level (60 ECTS).
It is held in English and delivered by distance learning.
It provides key skills in the field of Big Data.

What's next ?

Level of education obtained after completion

Degree equivalent to 4 or 5 years' higher education (Bac +4 & Bac +5)

Business sector or job

e-MBDS trains students for IT jobs that are in high demand:

  • Web application developper
  • Mobile and contactless application developper
  • Data engineer
  • Database administrator
  • Big Data and Data Lake architect
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Future IT project managers


7443 € (2021/2022)