Learn the basic principles of economics, management and law, and apply them to professions in economics and corporate management. Understand the economic and social environment of companies, administrations and markets. Read more


Initial training
3 ans
ISEM / Nice Campus Valrose



The Bachelor's Degree in Economics & Management is a demanding program that gives students a deep understanding of the economic, social and competitive context in which companies operate. The third year of the bachelor's degree offers work-study programs geared towards professional careers, with electives and specialties suited to the specific demands of the labor market or to further studies in a Master's program. Introduction The Bachelor's degree prepares students for further study for a Master's degree in Economics or Management, and allows them to acquire the basic knowledge and competencies in these two disciplines. It also offers non-disciplinary courses (in linguistic and in pre-professional and transversal skills: IT, digital skills and communication). In the third year, students choose between four possible tracks: Economics & Management: general track International Economics & Management Studies: Students in this track can spend one semester (semester 5) abroad, as part of Erasmus +, BCI, ISEP, MIC or other agreements. Economics and Human Resources Management: This track trains students for jobs in human resources, recruitment, the administrative management of personnel and any other areas of management related to the strategic organization of competencies. This profession-oriented training, organized as work-study, allows students to acquire the tools they need to understand the socio-economic world in which companies or administrations operate. Economics and Tourism Management: This program trains students to become managers in the new professions of tourism and leisure, whatever the fields of activity.


ISEM, Nice Campus Valrose

ISEM - Campus Saint Jean d'Angely 24 avenue des diables bleus 06300 Nice

Person in charge of the academic program

Patrice Bougette - Arnaud Gautier -



Prerequisites for enrolment

High school level

What's next ?

Level of education obtained after completion

Year of highschool graduation

Undergraduate level

Level of education obtained after completion

Undergraduate level

Job opening


  • Comptabilité
  • Contrôle de gestion
  • Assistanat de direction
  • Assistanat technique et administratif
  • Assistanat en ressources humaines
  • Développement des ressources humaines
  • Management des ressources humaines
  • Conseil en formation
  • Formation professionnelle
  • Promotion du tourisme local
  • Conception de produits touristiques
  • Vente de voyages
  • Assistance de direction d'hôtel-restaurant