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The singularity of the EEA Licence is its multi-disciplinary program that promotes the use in practice of both scientific and technical knowledge. Read more


Initial training
3 ans
Nice Campus Valrose



The jobs in electronics consitute an importandt part of research and development in french industry. Companies, whether locally (Nice,Sophia-Antipolis) or nationally need training at the licence, master or doctorate level. The objective of this licence is to provide training at licence level and to prepare for the Masters in electronics.


The objective of this licence is to provide training at licence level (both academic and industrial) and to prepare for the Masters ESTEL in electronics from UCA. More precisely the objectives are as follows: - Implement electronics systems, from component to software, for transport and processing of data, using fundamental knowledge from physics, mathematics, computer science and electronics. - Elaborate as scientific process, including literature search, critical thinking and open mindedness for modeling, simulation and observation of physical systems. - Knowing how to read and write technical and scientific documents and french and english in order to communicate with electronic, physics mathematics and computer science experts. - Implement individual and team projects by understanding proposing and implementing solutions to fundamental problems in electronics, computer science and data processing for signal an image. - Participate to the production and test of software and electronic prototypes to answer an industrial or research need. - Construct a professional project toward the jobs in electronics, telecommunication, information processing and select its post-license training.


Every semester contains 5 teaching blocs, one of theme being and trans-disciplinary UE (Unit) shared by all licence programs. First semester requires a mathematics bloc but all other blocs are free to choose by students. In semester 2, the student can choose 4 blocs from one field of study. In semester 3, the student can choose 3 blocs from one field of study and 1 from another field. Students who have validated 3 blocs from one field during the previous semester can subscribe to 3 blocs from this field in semester 4. The 4th bloc can be chosen freely by the student. Students who have validated 6 blocs from one field ca,n subscribe to semester 5 in the filed/mention. During semester 5 and 6 they follow 8 blocs in the field. In order to be able to subscribe to the the Electronics Licence, students need to validate two electronics modules in L1 and 6 in L2.


Nice Campus Valrose

Campus Valrose

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Level of education obtained after completion

Undergraduate level

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  • Montage de produits électriques et électroniques
  • Intervention technique en contrôle essai qualité en électricité et électronique
  • Encadrement de production de matériel électrique et électronique
  • Intervention technique en études et développement électronique