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Benefit from dual competence and career acceleration in Management and Business Administration. Read more


Initial training / Executive Education Program / Accessible for resumption of studies
1 year / 2 e-learning courses
Polytech Nice Sophia / IAE / Nice / Nice Campus Valrose



The Master’s in Management and Business Administration (MAE), formerly the Master’s in Business Administration of the IAE, is a master’s degree, which includes several "dual competence" tracks (Training program in the course of the day (Initial Training (FI) and Continuing Education (FC)), evening courses (FC), engineering education in partnership with Polytech Nice Sophia (FI and FC), and distance learning (FC). This program is designed for non-managerial students (engineers, scientists, lawyers, economists, graduates from medical and paramedical sectors, sociologists and psychologists, architects, literary experts, etc.) who already have a Master 1 or Master 2 degree. This program is therefore at the heart of the dual competence and it constitutes a “career accelerator”. The tracks offered within the Master’s in Management and Business Administration (MAE) are as follows: Business Management (DE) Supervision of Health and Social Institutions (2E2S) Direction of Accommodation Facilities for Dependent Elderly (DEHPAD) Regulatory Toxicology, Risk Management and Assessment, and Product and Environmental Safety Social Action: Intervention Training and Integration (ASIFI)


The objective of this training program is to provide dual competence. At the scientific level, students are trained in different managerial approaches and must demonstrate their ability to analyze a management situation. At the professional level,students must apply the academic knowledge acquired in all areas of management sciences to the field of their initial training. The acquisition of this dual competencefacilitates the professional integration of graduates and their rise through the hierarchy of their company. Skills acquired can be articulated around technical, managerial, entrepreneurial, digital or even relational skills. They are varied: - To develop diagnostics and strategic choices from a national, international, and global perspective; - To learn major financial techniques and financial management tools; - To identify possible internationalization policies for companies and analyze market conditions, negotiate contracts, manage a multicultural team; - To define and implement marketing strategies, product and brand policies by analyzing the market, and selecting a strategy; - To evaluate and manage projects; - To give students the knowledge and methodologies to implement different managerial and entrepreneurial practices, etc. - To analyze and implement a communication strategy, lead communication actions, etc. The MAE program seeks professionalization that is supported by internships in real vocational training situations. The skills acquired during the training program will supplement the knowledge acquired in previous training courses with a view to strengthening the collective action capacity of graduates.


The MAE program offers several tracks that address specific target audiences. The program aims to provide professionalization that is supported by internships in real vocational training situations. More details by following the link: UE 1 - Managing organizations UE 2 - Managing accounting and financial performance UE 3 – Managing human resources & communication UE 4 - Managing logistics and quality operations UE 5 - Information and digital management UE 6 - Responsible management and legal frameworks UE 7 - Marketing-entrepreneurship-projects UE 8 - Professional and Research Project (from 16 to 24 weeks)


Polytech Nice Sophia, IAE, Nice, Nice Campus Valrose

IAE Nice 24 avenue des Diables Bleus 06357 Nice cedex 4 Polytech Nice-Sophia 930 Route des Colles, 06410 Biot IFCS de Nice 17 Avenue Cap de Croix 06100 Nice

Person in charge of the academic program

Djamila Elidrissi Thierry Garrot



Prerequisites for enrolment

Undergraduate level

Course program

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Year of highschool graduation

Graduate level

Level of education obtained after completion

Graduate level

Job opening


  • Conseil en organisation et management d'entreprise
  • Contrôle de gestion
  • Direction de petite ou moyenne entreprise
  • Management et ingénierie d'affaires
  • Direction des achats
  • Coordination de services médicaux ou paramédicaux
  • Action sociale
  • Intervention socioculturelle
  • Direction d'établissement et d'enseignement