Open Session - CEOS WG Disasters

Published on September 6, 2022 Updated on September 7, 2022

on the October 3, 2022

1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Campus Varlose

Théâtre du Grand Château de Valrose
- Open session -

CEOS WG Disasters

UCA students and professors conference : interaction session

1:30 pm
Coffee, informal introductions
2:00 pm
Welcoming remarks, presentation of Risk Activities of UCA

Christophe Den Auwer, UCA

2:20 pm
CEOS WG Disasters, an overview

Andrew Eddy, Secretary CEOS WG Disasters

2:40 pm
Space Climate Observatory, an international framework for space-related climate observations
Linda Tomasini, CNES
3:00 pm
 Space Geodesy and Earth Observation
Felix Perosanz, CNES
3:20 pm
Seismic Demonstrator, highlights and successes
John Elliot, Leeds University
3:40 pm
Landslide Demonstrator, highlights and successes
Floriane Provost, EOST
4:00 pm
Recovery Observatory Demonstrator, highlights and successes
Dominique Blariaux, EU/Particip and Hélène de Boissezon, CNES
4:20 pm
General discussion and questions
5:00 pm
Wrap up