Technologies for non- CO2 greenhouse gases removal

1000000 €

Project results are expected to contribute to at least one of the following expected outcomes:

  • Increase knowledge on the plausibility of removing non-CO2 greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.
  • Raise awareness on the effects of non-CO2 greenhouse gases on earth warming.
  • Develop technologies for addressing the effects of non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Investigate techno-economic aspects of technologies and physical properties of emissions striving to match both into market-ready solutions.

Development of technologies for removing non-CO2 greenhouse gases CH4, N2O and fluorinated gases.

This topic focusses on technological concepts at low TRLs (TRL 3 or lower).

In the case of methane, the scope of possible applications is further constrained: Methane emissions stemming from the supply chain of fossil fuels are excluded, considering that such emissions are meant to be addressed through emission avoidance. Other emissions with a methane concentration higher than 1% are also excluded, considering that economic interests should drive their mitigation.

Technologies are expected to contribute to the capture, concentration, use and/or disposal of emissions, either from or at natural sources (if more concentrated) or in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide may be considered, though only if any synergy can be found with processing it in combination with other greenhouse gas(es) which should be the prime focus. The state-of the art of technology development will be clearly presented in the proposal with global potential for emission reductions, cost figures and versatility and economic viability of use where appropriate.