Environnement Santé, Citoyen

Ce programme a vocation à positionner Université Côte d’Azur dans la recherche internationale sur les liens entre santé et environnement, en y intégrant l’apport des sciences sociales.

Objectifs du programme:

  1. Créer un réseau d’équipes de recherche à même de proposer des recherches innovantes pour analyser, de manière transdisciplinaire, l’impact de l’environnement sur la santé et pour optimiser le contexte scientifique, technologique, socio-culturel, économique et politique qui minimisera les risques environnementaux pesant sur la santé humaine.
  2. Intégrer pleinement à la problématique le rôle des prises de conscience citoyennes.
  3. Développer des banques de données et leurs outils d’exploitation.
  4. Favoriser la création de start-ups dans le domaine.
  5. Adosser à cette recherche une offre de formation originale.
  6. Soutenir des actions de promotion des résultats de la recherche auprès des décideurs, des citoyens et des jeunes en milieu scolaire qui seront les citoyens de demain.
Projets 2016/2018 Environment, Health, Citizens
Activity Year Project name Principal Investigator Partners Duration
IDEX BOARD ACTIONS Call for expressions of interest 2016 FHU SANTE ENVIRONNEMENT (IRIHE) P. Fenichel et T. Passeron C3M 4 years
Thematic calls for proposals 2017 ElectroSmart: Investigation of electromagnetic radiation by using smartphone antennas as a measuring instrument. Arnaud Legout Inria 3 years
AAP International 2018 ATAS 2018 Christophe Den Auwer ICN 1 year
IDEX training programs BOOST Plant BioProtection and BioStimulation
Anthropogenic and natural hazard assessment and management Marylène Poirié INRA
MARRES (Marine Resources)
Projet SPARE: Monte Carlo Simulation of Particles and Flow – a Monte Carlo approach for particle transport in a fluid flow Mireille Bossy Inria 1 year
2017 Study of a complex biological system of prostate Etude d’un système biologique complexe d’organoïdes de prostate : applications en recherche biomédicale BOST Frédéric C3M 1 year
ACADEMY 3 CALL FOR PROPOSALS 2017 Investigatation of the association between in utero exposure to environmental pollutants and cytokine levels in umbillical cord blood. N. Glaichenhaus IPMC 1 year
MAgnetic Nanoparticles for environmenTal applications and Risk Assessment: towards a “zero waste principle” paradigm C. Lomenech Inphyni 1 year
Nuclear Risk, from Radioisotope (bio)chemistry to Public Perception C. Den Auwer ICN 2 years
HERACLES : Health Environment RivierA Cohort Lifetime Exposome Survey P. Fénichel C3M
Transcriptokinetomic analysis of the impacts of Bt Bioinsecticides on intestine physiology A. Gallet ISA 2 years
Assessment and dispersion of contaminants in the Yaqui River (Sonora State, Mexico): evaluation of environmental risks Renac C., Barat A. Géoazur jan. 2018 - Janv. 2020 (2 ans)
In cellulo uranium speciation and imaging after contamination Gaëlle CREFF ICN 1er jan. 2018 - 31 dec. 2018 (1 an)
Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki sensing by the innate immune system: impact on non-target animals and human health Gallet Armel ISA - CNRS 1er oct. 18 / 30 avril 21 (2,7 ans)
Metarisk Pourcher Thierry TIRO-MATOs
Polymères chélatants amphomorphes pour la décorporation pulmonaire du plutonium Di Giorgio Christophe ICN 1er oct. 18 / 1er oct 21 (3 ans)
Impact of persistent organic pollutants on endocrine function of adipose tissue particularly in the context of cancer progression Hinault Charlotte INSERM 1er sep.18 / 31 dec. 20 (2,4ans)
Sustainable green, recyclable and reprocessable vitrimers for a circular economy Michelet Véronique ICN
ACADEMY 4 CALL FOR PROPOSALS 2017 Master's Modeling the mechanical feedback of adipogenesis Eric Honoré/ B. Mauroy/JF Tanti IPMC/LJAD/C3M 1 year
Joint meeting of Acadmies 4 and 5 A4/A5
2nd symposium ONCOAGE-MD ANDERSON T Skhiri CHUN Oct. 2017
10th meeting on cilia, flagella, and centrosomes, 2017 L.E. Zaragosi IPMC 2018
2018 EPI-ANALYSE: Development of effective detection tools for epileptic seizures in mice by image analysis and EEG signals F Duprat/ T Papadopoulo IPMC/ Inria 1 year
EPI-ANALYSE: Development of effective detection tools for epileptic seizures in mice by image analysis and EEG signals F Duprat/ T Papadopoulo IPMC/ Inria 1 year
VIF-APAS: Aging, immunometabolism, and fragility: effects of a program of physical activity for health purposes. AS Rousseau/ R Zory C3M / LAHMESS 1 year
NutriMorph: Nutritional lipids and cerebral remodeling: measure of glial plasticity as a tool of cellular morphometry. C Rovère/ E Debreuve IPMC/ Inria 1 year
CAID: Jointly target angiogenesis and inflammation in wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) S Martial / L Demange ICN / IRCAN 1 year
GIfTED: Synthetic small molecules inducing the differentiation of glioblastoma initiating cells: new perspectives in cancer chemotherapies M Duca / T Virolle ICN / IBV 1 year
ModHyMet: Hybrid modling of cellular metabolism JP Comet/ F Delaunay I3S/ IBV 1 year
29CCI : Conference / 29th Ion Channel Meeting R Rapetti-Mauss IBV 1 year
MycoPain: Guest professor AT2R-TRAAK-Bioanalgesics G Sandoz IBV 1 year