DU - Economie et Management des Ressources Humaines

DU - Economie et Management des Ressources Humaines

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Diplôme d'université
EUR Economie et Management



The DU EMRH is part of a framework agreement that has bound the group ORPEA/CLINEA and Université Côte d'Azur for several years. This training is part of a desire to strengthen the links between Université Côte d'Azur, EUR ELMI and the group ORPEA/CLINEA, and diversify its cooperation with the professional world in terms of training offerings. Likewise, as part of its skills development policy, the group ORPEA/CLINEA wishes to offer its employees the possibility of following training in the Management and Human Resources field. It is therefore a question of responding to the new needs of health establishments.



Entrance to the DU EMRH is open to professionals of the ORPEA / CLINEA group who meet the following criteria:
  • Hold a bac + 4 level diploma (Master 1 in Economics-Management, Health Economics, Management of Health Organizations, Master of Psychology, Master of Economic and Social Administration, etc.) or the equivalent in terms of ECTS credits that can justify sufficient professional experience in the targeted fields after validation of a VAP.
  • Each application is submitted to an examination by the competent educational committee which is made up of faculty members working in the Master Gestion des Ressources Humaines course "Économie et Management des Ressources Humaines"


The lessons presented in the educational model could be provided by faculty members from EUR ELMI and/or external contributors, trainers within the ORPEA/CLINEA group.
Face-to-face training. Academic and working documents available on Moodle. A training schedule will be established with the partner.

All DU courses will be assessed in full continuous assessment. A thesis is also submitted at the end of the training.

Students will complete an anonymous evaluation form at the end of the training. The Head of the Master "Gestion des Ressources Humaines" of the l’EUR ELMI and the Director of CLINEA Psychiatrie France from the group ORPEA/CLINEA meet regularly to make any necessary educational improvements.
UE 1 Management de l'entreprise
UE 2 Économie, travail et RH
UE 3 Connaissances juridiques de l’entreprise
UE 4 Outils stratégiques
UE 5 Organisation de l'entreprise et gestion des connaissances
UE 6 Innovation et management de l'entreprise

Catherine THOMAS PR
Ludovic RAGNI PR
Patrice REIS MCF
Professional speakers

Gradual validation by modules and final presentation of a project.

What's next ?

Target activities / attested skills

- Allow enrollants to specialize in HR strategy to acquire the skills necessary to understand innovations related to the field of HR involved in the development of healthcare companies in connection with the understanding of their ecosystem, their branch of activity or related branches.
- Manage the HR strategy of a department and a residence.
- Train or improve knowledge in the field of forecast management of jobs and skills, knowledge management and management by processes.
- Train in team management and governance.
- Train in change management in terms of HR or organizational strategy and innovation.
- Federate and animate the internal and external actors (governance) of the company for the sake of performance and ethics.
- Train in legal tools related to HR Management.

Training for people already in activity.