Projects funded by the Academy 3's 2nd Call for Projects

5 projects were selected and funded following the Academy's second call for projects, for a total amount of 90,400 €.

The projects selected were:
  • CONVOST : "Etat de COnservation de la végétation marine et risque OSTreopsis", porté par Luisa Passeron-Mangialajo.
  • ContaminYaqui : "Assessment and dispersion of contaminants in the Yaqui River (Sonora State, Mexico): evaluation of environmental risks", porté par Christophe Renac et Aurélie Barats.
  • JUNO : "Use of Cassini and Juno raw radio measurements for planetary ephemerides improvement and constraints on the planet P9 localization.", porté par Agnès Fienga.
  • METEOSPACE : "Meteospace, an automated space weather station at Calern observatory", porté par Thierry Corbard.
  • PACA-Trends : "Historical trends in land cover and climate in order to predict the evolution of flooding, forest fire, and soil erosion risks", porté par Dennis Fox.