Projects funded by the Academy 3's 4th Call for Projects

11 Master internships were selected and funded following the Academy's 4th call for projects, for a total amount of 37,876 €.

The projects selected were:
  • ARSON : "Are Arson Fires Different From Accidental Fires", D. Fox (ESPACE) and E. Dibernardino (LJAD).
  • "Cartographier l’accueil des mineurs non accompagnés (MNA) dans les Alpes Maritimes", S. Potot (URMIS).
  • "Combining laboratory scale experiments and environmental data to understand heavy metal accumulation in marine mussels", C. Den Auwer (ICN).
  • " d’asile à Nice : entre tactiques et invisibilisation", C. Rinaudo (URMIS).
  • FWI-PACA : "Interpolating Fire Weather Index Values for the PACA Region for Fire Risk Modeling", D. Fox (ESPACE) and E. Dibernardino (LJAD).
  • Hydro-Layers : "Creating Base Layers for Hydrological Modeling in PACA Region", P. Brigode (GEOAZUR) and D. Fox (ESPACE).
  • "Impact de la maturité structurale des failles sur le glissement sismique en profondeur" (internship linked to FAULTS_R_GEMS), I. Manighetti and F. Leclerc (GEOAZUR).
  • NOCICOSO : "NOise-CIty-COvid-SOciology", R. David (CHU-Nice) - 2 internships.
  • SNORE : "Simulation of NOise REduction during covid-19 lockdown", M. Caglioni (ESPACE) - 2 internships.