DU - Préparation aux Grandes Écoles d’Économie et de Management

  • Economy-Management
DU - Préparation aux Grandes Écoles d’Économie et de Management

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This training intends to welcome post CGPE students, and more generally students who have completed 120 ECTS credits from certain post-bac courses in economics and management who wish to successfully enroll in the university. Read more


Diplôme d'université
1 year
Portail Économie-Gestion / EUR Economie et Management
Campus Saint Jean d'Angély / Cannes





Students benefit from the recognized expertise of each partner in the following areas
  • Fundamental courses of the L3 Économie Gestion :
Enables students to understand the economic, social and competitive environment of companies and to acquire the skills needed to enter economist and management professions. The courses are enriched by environmental economics and sustainable development, as well as management of innovation and digital transformation.
  • Preparation for the competitive administration exams of the Grandes Écoles de Management delivered by the Stanislas Institute of Cannes:
Students are carefully prepared for the written tests (applications, aptitude tests, foreign language tests, etc.) and the oral tests (personality interviews, foreign language interviews, etc.)

In the same year, the University Diploma (D.U.) allows students to:
  • to obtain a Licence 3 Économie et Management and thus acquire the
  • fundamental knowledge in these areas;
  • to continue their university studies in the Master cycle;
  • to prepare for the competitive entrance exams (bac + 3) to the Top Universities in Management.


  Institut Stanislas de Cannes

Institut Stanislas in Cannes



Hold a Bac + 2; selection based on the study of candidates' application.

Undergraduate students:
  • Having completed two years of preparatory and commercial classes and obtained 120 ECTS
  • Holders of a Licence 2 Économie Management
  • Holders of an IUT in business management and administration / marketing techniques
  • Holders of a BTS in management of commercial units / management accounting / international trade
  • Having obtained 120 ECTS in other post-baccalaureate courses in Économie Gestion

Conditions of applications

Candidacy considered by application.

Conditions of specific applications

Selection by a pedagogical committee based on the study of the candidates' application.


The program includes nearly 600 hours of instruction including classes, tutorials, workshops, conferences, individual interviews and tests.

Various teachers from the EUR ELMI and the Institut Stanislas de Cannes

Full time

Average of 35 hours of instruction per week

Ongoing and final assessments

What's next ?

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  • Apply the main concepts of economics: micro-economics, macro-economics, money and finance, economic policy, for the study and the interpretation of economic documents.
  • Use the methods and techniques of the standard management of organizations, and to prepare and implement organizational decisions.
  • Observe, describe and evaluate the implementation of an organization’s fundamental managerial principles.
  • Work in a team and in a network as well as independently, be responsible for carrying out a project to completion.
  • Analyze your actions in a professional context, self-evaluate to improve your skills.

Target activities / attested skills

  • Commercial or Statistical Economic Research Officer
  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Business Manager
  • Identify, select and critically analyze various resources in one's field of specialization to document a subject and incorporate these data for their use.
  • Analyze and synthesize data for use.
  • Develop an argument derived by critical thinking.
  • Use digital reference tools and cyber-security guidelines to acquire, process, produce and disseminate information and to collaborate internally and externally.

Competitive entrance exams for top business and management universities

Business sector or job

Any position requiring bac+3 in the tertiary sector (companies, public and private administrations, social and associative establishments, etc.)


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