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Acquire transdisciplinary expertise for the implementation of research projects in earth and planetary sciences Read more


Initial training / Executive Education Program / Accessible for resumption of studies /
2 years
EUR Sciences de la Société et de l’Environnement / EUR Sciences Fondamentales et Ingénierie
Géoazur Sophia Antipolis / Nice Campus Valrose



This master's degree offers a multidisciplinary training program based on the different domains of the Earth sciences, including geology, physics, chemistry, regional planning, biology and prehistory. Students learn to analyze and integrate multi-technical and multi-scale data through two distinct orientations: 3G track: Geology, Geophysics, Geotechnics Interdisciplinary training at the crossroads of geology and geophysics, from fundamental to engineering. PPA track: Paleoenvironment, Prehistory, Archeology Interdisciplinary training at the interface of archaeological and bioarchaeological sciences, environmental sciences and earth sciences.

Students undertaking this program will develop a strong sense of synthesis that will allow them to present their work and results, in French or in English. The training ends with a practical internship lasting several months. Students will be able to integrate the public or private professional environment, whether academic or applied. The skills acquired by the end of the master's degree are: disciplinary and transdisciplinary scientific knowledge a scientific approach by developing critical thinking and open-mindedness mastery of oral and written communication the implementation of individual or team projects and the development autonomy

This multidisciplinary and multi-technical training program is based on the application of a rigorous scientific approach. It requires precise research and document analysis to lead to a confrontation with experimental or observational work developed in the laboratory or performed in the field, individually or in teams. In addition to the common core for both tracks during the M1 year, the two separate tracks are composed as follows. 3G track - required modules, - elective modules to guide and assist the student in the field of geosciences and which are adapted to his or her professional objectives, - professional project and research module aiming to put the acquired knowledge into practice and to support the student's ambitions: 3 months in M1, 5 months in M2. PPA track - update modules in M1 - required modules in M1 - professional project and research module aimed at putting the acquired knowledge into practice and supporting the student's project; tutored projects + internship - elective modules in M2 to deepen the knowledge in some areas in common with other programs (geosciences, fossil DNA, follow-up of laboratory seminars, etc.) in connection with the professional objectives of the student

Géoazur - 250 rue Albert Einstein - Sophia Antipolis - 06560 VALBONNE CEPAM - Campus Saint-Jean-d'Angély 3, MSHS, 3, Boulevard François Mitterrand - 06 357 Nice Cedex



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