Joint Research Unit

Institut de Physique de Nice - INPHYNI

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Université Côte d'Azur, Parc Valrose, 06108 Nice, France
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04 92 96 73 98‬
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General information

Affiliated institutions :

Université Côte d'Azur
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)

Reference : UMR7010

Departments : DS 2 : Physique


Director(s) :
INPHYNI carries out its activities through 13 research teams. 

Waves and Quantum Physics theme: 
Cold atoms 
Waves in complex media 
Theoretical physics 

Photonics theme: 
Photonic dynamics and complexity  
Fiber optics and applications 
Liquid crystal optics 
Integrated nonlinear optics 
Quantum photonics & information  

Nonlinear Physics, Complex Fluids and Biophysics theme: 
Complex fluids 
Magnetorheology and nanomaterials 
Microfluidics, physical chemistry and biology at interfaces 
Nonlinear and nonequilibrium physics 
Rheology of concentrated suspensions  


Research topics

The Waves and Quantum Physics theme covers the propagation of waves in complex media and theoretical physics, as well as the physics of cold atoms and strongly correlated quantum gases.  
The Photonics theme covers the analysis of physical and dynamic phenomena (classical and quantum) in optics, as well as the development of photonic materials, components and systems. 
The Nonlinear Physics, Complex Fluids and Biophysics theme is centered on the theoretical, numerical and experimental analysis of the dynamics of macroscopic systems. 


2 awards from the Academy of Sciences  
3 CNRS Bronze Medals  
2 members of the Institut Universitaire de France  
1 Fabry - De Gramont Award (SFO)  
1 IEEE Paul Phelps Award 
1 European Physical Society, Quantum Electronics and Optics Division thesis prize 
1 IEEE senior member 


Numerous research projects developed at INPHYNI benefit from the capacities of 5 high-performance technology platforms: 
- the Optical Fiber Fabrication Center; 
- the Center for Micro- & Nanorheometry; 
- the Clean Room for Fluids and Complex Materials; 
- the OPTINIL platform: Integrated Optics in Lithium Niobate; 
- and OPTIMAL platform: Optics & Photonics for Light Matter Interaction.  


International relations

INPHYNI enjoys numerous national and international collaborations in all of its fields of activity, manifested by numerous ANR and European contracts. 
Several industrial partnerships are also at the heart of the laboratory's most application-oriented projects.  
The members of the institute are regularly invited to the most important international conferences.