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Initial training / Executive Education Program / Accessible for resumption of studies
3 ans
Nice Campus Valrose / Nice Campus Valrose



This Bachelor's program prepares for further study in a Master's program and for active life by giving students a basic understanding and methods. Students learn the major disciplines of law and political science and become progressively more specialized. Students become familiar with the different branches of law and the job opportunities they offer.


Become familiar with the primary and secondary sources of law. Manage legal documents. Interpret a legal text. Identify legal issues that are not explicitly formulated. Write a rigorous and well-argumented legal demonstration. Defend a thesis in writing or orally. Program and content.


The program offers a progressive approach. During the first year, students discover the main branches of law and political science. The second year is more technical and becomes more legal. During the third year, students gradually specialize in one of the major branches of law (political science track), while strengthening the more general foundations.


Nice Campus Valrose, Nice Campus Valrose

Licence droit et L3 science politique Faculté de droit et de science politique, A. du Doyen Trotabas, 06000 NICE Double licence droit et philosophie : Faculté de droit pour les cours de droit ; Faculté des Lettres (Carlone) pour la philosophie

Person in charge of the academic program

Pr Xavier LATOUR



Prerequisites for enrolment

High school level

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Level of education obtained after completion

Year of highschool graduation

Undergraduate level

Level of education obtained after completion

Undergraduate level

Job opening


  • Magistrature
  • Management de la sécurité publique
  • Aide et médiation judiciaire
  • Défense et conseil juridique
  • Journalisme et information média
  • Communication
  • Conception et pilotage de la politique des pouvoirs publics
  • Enseignement supérieur