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Boating activities include all activities related to navigation and water sports on recreational sail or motorboats, windsurfs, canoes, kayaks, etc. Read more


Executive Education Program / Accessible for resumption of studies /
Licence Professionnelle
1 an / Alternance :2 ou 3 semaines à l'IUT / 2 ou 3 semaines en entreprise



The main focus of the program is sales, marketing, management and law as applied to the boating industry, which includes companies that design, sell and provide maintenance for boating products.

Graduates find jobs in sales and marketing, mainly in companies providing services to the boating industry: boat dealers, brokerage firms, ship chandlers, associations (sailing clubs, etc.), boat rental, second-hand boat dealers, but also corporate jobs in purchasing, sales, export and marketing. They also work in public institutions, such as city-managed marinas, and can apply for jobs in other business sectors, such as banks or insurance companies. Unique features of this program: Partnership with the Federation of Boating Industries (FIN). Collaboration with the Pays de Lerins conurbation. Students are assessed on their ability to: Core competencies: Distinguish the materials used in boating and the procedures for building a vessel and sports and leisure equipment. Be competent to discuss boating issues with customers of a rental company or with people purchasing boats or nautical equipment, in French and English. Be able to follow evolutions in a product or technology, and be able to inform customers about them. Conduct complex sales negotiations and discuss specific issues with customers (recovery of ship or equipment, proposal of supplementary services). Know how to negotiate with suppliers, prepare quotes and invoices for materials or services Design and conduct a targeted sales activity Analyze the profitability of an operation or activity Identify needs, analyze the competition and position one's offer Conduct negotiations in English, analyze a contract written in English or Italian. Additional competencies: Capacity to manage and lead a sales team Maintain up to date their knowledge and technical skills in the field of boating Know the stages in preparing a boat for delivery or after wintering, Detect and evaluate the risks of commitments tied a sales transaction Implement the contractual liability of a defaulting debtor Participate in the installation, testing and operation of products sold Communicate in English and Italian: email, simple letter Prospect customers in Italian Prospect foreign markets and use analytical tools Follow up customers Understand customs requirements Identify the legal problem in a situation Identify the different forms of legal responsibilities Collect and use the legal information needed to solve a legal problem

COMMUNICATION Languages Written and spoken sales communication > Applied sales communication Methodology and project management > New managerial techniques ENVIRONMENT OF THE BOATING INDUSTRY Analysis of boating markets Economic environment of the boating industry Legal environment of the boating industry MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Organization of production and shipbuilding Cost control Quality control Financing tools MARKETING Nautical merchandising Strategic marketing SALES TECHNIQUES Purchasing policy Adapted sales negotiations Legal environment of negotiations Export TUTORED PROJECTS

IUT Nice Côte d'Azur, Département Techniques de Commercialisation de Cannes-La-Bocca



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