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General and transversal training in the different disciplines of economic and commercial law Read more


Initial training / Executive Education Program / Accessible for resumption of studies /
2 years
EUR Systèmes Numériques pour l’Humain / EUR Droit, Science Politique et Management
Nice Campus Valrose / GREDEG
French / English



The Master’s in Business Law is a training program in different disciplines of economic and commercial law. It gives students a global vision of the subject, including an introduction to the methods of research in Law. In this respect, some lessons learned during the second year are shared. Five tracks are offered to students: Business Lawyer Banking and Fintech Intellectual property and new technology law Risk and Sustainable Development Lawyer Economic law Algorithmique law and Data Governance

Throughout the Master’s in Business Law, students will acquire in-depth knowledge of business law. At the end of the two years of the Master’s degree, students will be able to: Communicate competently with clients Assist and participate in legal negotiations Undertake legal monitoring and update the acts or forms Draft and verify a legal act Analyze and draft a contract or any legal act in French and in English Analyze a specific situation and identify legal risks Write a legal consultation.

Master 1 The first year, Master 1, includes a common core of courses shared between the 5 tracks. 80% of the courses will be in the common core, accompanied by "packs" of 2 thematic electives based on the intended track, which will serve as preparation for this track. The course load represents 690 hours in master 1. Master 2 Each Master 2 course is intended to be more specialized. A common core is proposed for the 5 standard courses, with up to 20% of common core courses among all the teaching units. Some courses are shared between several tracks. For example, the 20h law of distribution is shared across both the "Commercial Lawyer" and "Economic Law" tracks. The "Personal Research Project" unit is set up for 40h, which is equivalent to an internship of three to six months. The course load for each track is: 320h for Commercial Lawyer 320h for Banking and Financial Law 358h for New Technologies and Intellectual Property Law 380h in Risk and Sustainable Development Lawyer 285h for Economic Law 340h for Algorithmic law and Data Governance The track Droit de la propriété intellectuelle et des nouvelles technologies is part of the Digital Systems for Humans (DS4H) Graduate School of Research training program. Professional training 4 tracks (excluding "economic law") can be followed alternately. Each year, several professionalization contracts are conducted by Master's students. Schedules are organized according to a week of classes on campus and a free week allowing professionalization contracts. Distance learning The program does not provide distance education. For students applying to enter a second year of the Master’s program without having undertaken the first year of the track, the use of MOOCs is envisaged to help them follow the courses deemed essential.

Faculté de droit et de science politique Campus Trotabas avenue Robert Schuman 06050 Nice Cedex 1 GREDEG 250, avenue Albert Einstein 06 560 Valbonne

Responsible for the Business Law section: - Eva Mouial Bassilana, Pr - Irina Parachkévova, Pr



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