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Laboratory for electronics, antennae and telecommunications (LEAT)

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Campus SophiaTech - Bâtiment Forum BP 145 930 Route des Colles
06903 Sophia Antipolis Cedex
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04 89 15 44 11
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General information

Affiliated institutions :

Université Côte d'Azur
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)

Reference : UMR7248

Departments : DS 9 : Sciences et Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication


Director(s) :
MCSOC: Modeling and Design of Communicating Objects Systems 
- Optimization of energy consumption in communicating objects, 
- Reconfigurable, self-adaptive, reactive and cooperative systems 
- Behavioral modeling and radiofrequency systems.  
CMA Antenna Design and Modeling 
- multistandard miniature antennae, 
- reconfigurable antennae, 
- multiantenna systems and multiscale and multiphysics electromagnetic modeling with TLM.  
ISA Microwave Imaging and Antenna Systems 
- antennae and antenna systems for radar, 
- radar demonstrators, 
- RCS and inverse problems. 


2013 : Appointment of Christian Pichot IEEE Fellow 
Best paper awards CENTRIC2013 
Best student paper prize LAPC, Third place. 
IEEE APS Student Design contest 2013, Semi-finalist.  
ISSCC Jack Kilby Award for Outstanding Student Paper. 
2015 : IEEE Ulrich Rohde Innovative Conference Paper Award On Antenna Measurements and Applications 
Bull Joseph Fourier Prize 
Best paper Award SIMU 2015 
Celtic Excellence Award in the Category Network Technologies.  
Special Mention from the Jury of the eSAME conference 
Best University Booth eSAME conference 
2016: Silver Medal at the European Lépine Competition 2016 



Technological equipment for the production of printed and PCB antennas 
Equipment for measuring antenna S-parameters and radiation in an anechoic chamber up to 110 GHz 
Spike test bench 
Near-field measurement bench from 700 MHz to 8 GHz 
3D radiation measurement bench 2 to 120 GHz (CREMANT) 
Near-field spherical measurement bench operating from 2.6 to 110 GHz 
Spectrum analyzer up to 110 GHz 
Phase noise analyzer 
Antennae and reference horns 
Thermal camera for system on a chip  


Industrial relations

LEAT develops its research in partnership with CNRS, industrial firms and French and foreign public bodies and laboratories, within the framework of numerous projects, contracts and collaborations. Its involvement in CIFRE conventions is very strong and many start-ups have worked with LEAT.  
ANR projects 
- Sensas 
- Meduses 2 
- Duplex 
- Medimax 
- etc. 
European Projects 
- Benefic 
- etc 
- Geoloc 
- Mass Start 
- Netcom 
- Scanvision 
- Tandem 
- etc.