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A complete and multidisciplinary study of the history of the chronological field (from Prehistory to the present day). Read more


Initial training / Executive Education Program / Accessible for resumption of studies
3 ans
Nice Campus Valrose / Nice Campus Valrose



The Bachelor's program in History aims to provide a broad historical culture and arouse interest in all periods (from Prehistory to the present day), in the different regions and civilizations of the world and in all the major issues that relate to human societies (political systems, social and religious organizations, economy, representation systems).


In addition to the transversal know-how mastered by all undergraduate students (autonomy, adaptation, organization of work, mastery of tools, etc.), the Bachelor's program in History encourages students to acquire the know-how specific to the discipline, by first providing a core knowledge of the four academic periods (ancient Greek and Roman history, medieval history, modern history, contemporary history). Then, depending on their specialty and electives, students can expand their knowledge in the fields of geography, prehistory, archaeology, the history of art and political science. By means of exercises (text or image commentaries, essays, oral presentations), they learn to use documents and draw information from them. They learn to develop their arguments, to think critically, and to write essays that present sound arguments and answer pertinent questions. These scientific and practical skills are an essential foundation for any career related to the historical field. Future opportunities are mainly found in teaching, research, documentation and cultural heritage management (libraries, archives, museums), public service, etc.


The Bachelor's program in History belongs to the field of Humanities and Social Sciences and leads to progressive specialization. The three possible tracks (Track 1 History, Track 2 Primary Teaching, Track 3 Secondary Teaching), offer electives leading to specific specialties and professions. It introduces students to the great diversity of historical sources: textual (inscriptions, chronicles, notarial acts, newspapers), iconographic or archaeological sources. Over the three years, a variety of themes and approaches are covered: social, political, economic, cultural history, etc. Students become familiar with the tools (paper books, databases, online journals, computerized documents) and techniques of academic work (how to compile a bibliography, cite references, critique unreliable information).


Nice Campus Valrose, Nice Campus Valrose

Université de Nice UFR LASH (Carlone) UFR Saint-Jean d'Angély

Person in charge of the academic program

Anne BROGINI (directrice de département) Germain BUTAUD (responsable Licence)



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Year of highschool graduation

Undergraduate level

Level of education obtained after completion

Undergraduate level

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  • Recherche en sciences de l'homme et de la société
  • Enseignement général du second degré
  • Enseignement des écoles
  • Gestion de l'information et de la documentation
  • Gestion de patrimoine culturel
  • Éducation et surveillance au sein d'établissements d'enseignement
  • Journalisme et information média