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Bachelor's program in Musicology at the UNS, member of Université Côte d'Azur Read more


Initial training / Executive Education Program / Accessible for resumption of studies
3 ans
Nice Campus Valrose



The Bachelor's program in Musicology offers a unique training program in the region in partnership with the Conservatory of Nice. A system of optional and modular courses allows students to obtain a dual degree depending on their situation. - Under specific provisions, possibility to apply for a musical degree (DEM) in an instrument, contemporary music, composition or orchestra direction and jointly obtain the Bachelor's degree - Under specific provisions, a Bachelor's degree in musicology can be obtained together with a musical degree (DEM) in musical culture or musical analysis - After selection, possibility to enroll in a dual musicology-ethnology Bachelor's program.


At the end of this program, students are able to analyze, understand, and grasp the musical repertoire of any period or genre, to comment on it, to present it, to be autonomous in their musical performance, to manage an artistic program, to create a musical work, to interpret vocally and/or instrumentally a musical work and to make an arrangement for a small instrumental and/or vocal ensemble. Students have also acquired skills in writing music, in creating and managing a project, skills in artistic education, in computer programs dedicated to write and create music, and in desktop software. They have also developed skills in a foreign language.


The third-year curriculum (musicology) is made up of electives selected depending on the situation among three possible tracks (musical studies, professional musical performance, teaching, and/or the dual program in musicology/ethnology). A final shared transversal unit provides additional skills in writing and speech, foreign languages and computer science. One unit is devoted to musical arrangement and creation and optionally to practical music lessons in the Conservatory's specialized cycle (now CRR). One unit is dedicated to the history of contemporary music and ethnomusicology, and another to the history of music, and to analysis and musical interpretation. An optional unit allows the choice to either develop the professional music environment in artistic and cultural management, or prepare for artistic and musical education.


Nice Campus Valrose


Person in charge of the academic program

Julie Mansion-Vaquié



Prerequisites for enrolment

High school level

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Level of education obtained after completion

Year of highschool graduation

Undergraduate level

Level of education obtained after completion

Undergraduate level

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  • Recherche en sciences de l'homme et de la société
  • Musique et chant
  • Enseignement artistique
  • Gestion de patrimoine culturel