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Specialized training in contemporary issues, methods and legal instruments of international law and European law. Read more


Initial training / Executive Education Program / Accessible for resumption of studies /
2 years
Institut de la paix et du développement (IDPD) / EUR Droit, Science Politique et Management
Nice Campus Valrose



The Master's in "International and European Law" offers specialized training, through thematic approaches to major contemporary issues. The first year constitutes a common base of theoretical knowledge, on which second-year specialized courses are based. The training aims to help students acquire valuable legal expertise, both nationally and internationally, in strategic business sectors and those that require mastery of theoretical and methodological knowledge, to evolve in an internationalized environment. The specialization is carried out in one of the six M2 tracks: Law and practice of international trade European lawyer Governance and Financing for Development International security, defense, economic intelligence Law of the sea and maritime activities Migration Studies - International and European Law option

The Master's in "International Law and European Law" aims to enable its graduates to have decisive skills for the exercise of a professional activity or research in the fields of international law and European law. The training program is characterized by a specialization on major sectors of legal activity with a strong international dimension, through a combined approach of international and regional legal orders, their relations and effectiveness. It offers, according to a progressive method, the relevant knowledge of the institutional, procedural and normative frameworks, the current issues that drive them, methods of reasoning and argumentation relating to their implementation.

The areas of legal activity covered by this master's degree correspond to the main contemporary issues, in particular: - international / European economic law (business law, international trade law, investment law, competition law, arbitration, intellectual property, development cooperation, etc.) - international / European law on spaces and their resources (law of the sea, cyberspace law, environmental protection, border management, etc.) - international / European law on security issues (humanitarian law, protection of the individual, migration law, energy, new technologies, etc.) - governance (law of international organizations, standards of the rule of law, external action, etc.) In these areas, the public law and private law dimensions, the litigation aspects, negotiation and risk management are learned through theoretical and practical approaches. The program includes teaching methods such as: practical case studies, trial simulation exercises, international negotiation training, oral presentations, etc. It combines academic teaching and practical lessons by professionals from the key socio-economic sectors covered by the program. Students must choose a "professional" or "research" orientation. The "professional" master’s includes, in the second year, a compulsory internship of 3 months carried out between the months of May and October. The "research" master’s includes, in the second year, the writing and defense of a dissertation. Languages ​​of instruction The language of instruction is essentially French. Some tracks, however, include courses taught in English.

Nice, campus Trotabas de l’Université Nice Sophia Antipolis Avenue du Doyen Louis Trotabas, 06050 Nice Cedex 1




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