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A training of excellence to become an expert in data analysis or to acquire a set of skills needed to conduct a high-level research in economics. Read more


Initial training /
2 years
EUR Economie et Management
GREDEG / Nice / Nice Campus Valrose
English / French





The Master Economics provides students with broad exposure to economic modeling and statistical techniques. It is organized in two different specializations, each leading to a specific area of knowledge and skills: Master Economic Expertise (in French and English): is designed to meet the needs of highly committed individuals seeking knowledge and skills to become leaders and practitioners in economic analyses. By its design, the program offers knowledge in collecting, analyzing and interpretive quantitative or qualitative data to help decision-makers in private companies and public organizations. Master of Social Interactions and Economic Dynamics (100% in English): is a selective program, designed to provide intensive preparation in economic models and techniques to conduct top-level research in social sciences.

The first semester of the Master Economics is common to both specializations. The language of the program is English and focuses mainly on developing skills and knowledge in quantitative techniques. The second semester offers a program that is specific to each specialization. The program objectives of the Master Economic Expertise are: 1. Collect and produce data (knowledge in document research tools, interview and survey techniques, construction and management of database). 2. To process and analyze information (knowledge in statistical modeling techniques and statistical software tools). 3. Write and present a technical report in French or in English, and to make relevant policy and business recommendation based on the analyses Upon completing this degree program, a student should have the following knowledge as the educational outcomes: 1. Evaluation of public policies with quantitative and qualitative methods of evaluation (statistics, econometrics, scoring, surveys...). 2. Economics of innovation. Knowledge on intellectual property protection, diffusion of innovation and associated risks, dynamics of innovative industries, spatial dimension of innovation. 3. Environmental Economics. Management of the environmental constraint. Study of the different types of environmental regulation, analysis of benefit cost analysis of the environmental constraint. 4. International economic expertise. Knowledge of the principal mechanisms of globalization, methods and application of competitiveness diagnostics, expertise in globalization strategy that is useful for different economic actors. The aim of Social Interactions and Economic Dynamics specialization is to train future researchers in economics and social sciences. In addition to the opportunity to pursue a PhD, students should acquire abilities to work in international organizations. At the end of the course, students will have acquired the following core competencies: 1. Processing large databases (including complex network processing). 2. Design and implementation of economic experiments (e.g., to test the effectiveness of a public policy measure). 3. Modeling and analyzing interactions in a complex environment, with the ability to formulate testable hypotheses in an experiment or via the analysis of large databases. 4. Clarity of speaking and writing in English, to communicate technical results. 5. Teamwork. 6. Management of a work program.



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Economic Expertise Course : Socio-economic study managers; Responsible for statistical studies; Responsible for socio-economic analyzes; Business economist; Watch engineer; Competitive intelligence engineer, Economic mission manager.

Social interactions and economic dynamics course : Researcher, Faculty researcher.