MSc Music Scoring for Visual Media and Sound Design

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MSc Music Scoring for Visual Media and Sound Design


2 years
IDEX UCAJEDI / EUR Arts et Humanités



Musical composition, sound design, spatial audio, mixing for visual media, DOLBY ATMOS mixing, entrepreneurship, post-production and mastery of DAWs such as Pro tools, Logic Pro, Reaper, and the Native suite.

Program Highlights

Training with professional aim
Receive a double certification from both Université Côte d’Azur and DOLBY, work hand-in-hand with industry professionals, record your own compositions with a live orchestra, enjoy full access to professional mixing and recording studios, enjoy full access to DAWs, attend regular on-site Master Classes and partake in all local events (festivals, workshops, events)


The MSc Music Production and Sound Design for Visual Media incorporates a focused training in entrepreneurship and music production, covering the entire lifecycle of a piece of music, from composing to post-production in the music-for-media landscape:  film, advertising, television series, video games, and so forth.

You will acquire fundamental skills in composition, orchestration, sound design, creative management, spatial audio and post-production on the Dolby Atmos spatial sound system, with the benefit of a partnership with DOLBY. Upon completion of the program, you will receive not only a Master of Science, but also a professional DOLBY Atmos certification.

At the end of each year, you will have the opportunity to record your own creation with a full orchestra, through a unique partnership with the prestigious Orchestre National de Cannes, recognized as a National Orchestra in 2022.


This program will be conducted at our new Georges Méliès campus in Cannes, a creative campus with a 50m2 sound studio, a large 250m2 stage, and a fully equipped IT room partnered by Native Instruments and Izotope.

La Bastide Rouge (Georges Méliès) Campus

230 Avenue Francis Tonner

06150 Cannes La Bocca



Undergraduate level

Applicants must have the following:

A bachelor’s degree, or equivalent (180 ECTS) in the fields of music or arts, or

A degree in humanities with a significant experience in music

A good command of English, minimum B2 level

Applicants will also present their own musical creation, demonstrate a high level of proficiency in music writing (harmony, counterpoint, orchestration,) or electronic composition,  and in the use of a DAW.

Conditions of applications


Our two-year MSc is worth 120 ECTS credits over the course of four semesters.

Each year is built around hands-on projects, and culminates with presenting your own 5+ minute musical composition performed by a live orchestra. 

As a student, you will benefit from our state-of-the-art campus offerings:  onsite business spaces dedicated to cultural and creative industries, video game diploma courses, and art schools. 

Our curriculum is based on a common core including digital projects, and brings together students from other disciplines such as creative arts, script writing, and videogames.  This provides key employment prospects in the world of creative output:  artificial intelligence and media, arts and entrepreneurship, creative audiovisual project management, image privacy law, and intellectual property law.

The educational team includes

Julie Mansion-Vaquié, Université Côte d'Azur

 Jean-François Trubert, Université Côte d'Azur

Serge Milan, Université Côte d'Azur

Lucile Sassatelli, Université Côte d'Azur

Julien Vega, Composer

Pierre Rusher (Composer, orchestrator), 

Sacha Chaban (Composer) 

Jean-Edouard André (Digital Innovation Manager)

Camille Giuglaris (Sound engineer, CIRM).


Each student is required to carry out one or more creative projects independently, with the support of the educational team, and as part of the second year, find an internship.

What's next ?

Level of education obtained after completion

Degree equivalent to 4 or 5 years' higher education (Bac +4 & Bac +5)

Target activities / attested skills

You will attain a Master’s (Bac +5) level, including 120 ECTS to be used towards an accredited Master of Arts, music creation, performance and education track,  consistent with the VES (Validation d’Etudes Supérieures.) You will be able to start your professional life as a composer, sound designer, video game composer or sound designer, music editor, sound producer, sound director, music supervisor.