Master’s in Molecular Chemistry

Master’s in Molecular Chemistry

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Acquire in-depth knowledge in Chemistry (general, organic, analytical and formulation) Read more


Initial training / Executive Education Program / Accessible for resumption of studies /
2 years
EUR Sciences Fondamentales et Ingénierie
Grasse / Nice Campus Valrose



The Master's in MOLECULAR CHEMISTRY at the Université Côte d'Azur is centered on a strong theme- Fine Chemistry, Flavors, Perfumes & Cosmetics.
It trains high-level executives mastering the latest technological innovations in the field of chemistry.

Following a common first year are two specialized tracks:
  1. Professional-oriented Formulation, Analysis, Quality (FOQUAL)
  2. Research-oriented Fragrances & Fine Chemistry (F2C)

  The Molecular Chemistry master’s program targets executive activities such as Chemical Engineering and R&D, state or regional civil servant, and also allows for the pursuit of doctoral studies.

FOQUAL Track graduates are able to:

  • Develop and validate methods for the analysis of raw materials, synthetic intermediates and finished products
  • Develop new formulas for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and aromatic products and deformulate competing products
  • Create, participate in and monitor the establishment of a quality system (GMP/GLP, ISO HACCP, etc.)
  • Intervene in the drafting or the follow-up of the regulations of the relevant domains

F2C Track graduates are able to:

  • Master synthesis methodologies, fine chemistry, and related analytical techniques (NMR, MS and thermal analyses, etc.)
  • Expertise in the field of flavors and fragrances
  • Conduct research projects, design and develop of new products or processes as well as optimize studies of existing products and processes in the chemistry of aromatic and medicinal substances

Across both tracks, graduates are able to:

  • Carry out a technological monitoring
  • Disseminate and promote results in the form of reports, publications, presentations, communications
  • Share expertise and competencies
  • Stay up to date through bibliographic research and active participation in professional meetings

The Master’s in Molecular Chemistry takes place over two years and is based on a balanced approach between theoretical and practical lessons.

This program is primarily intended for holders of a licence in Chemistry, Physical Chemistry or any equivalent degree.

Master 1 (M1) students from French or foreign universities with initial training in chemistry have the possibility of directly accessing the second year (M2).


The first year is shared by both tracks and equips students with a firm foundation of knowledge and abilities, particularly in organic chemistry and analytical chemistry, by further exploring and expanding upon concepts encountered during their undergraduate studies. Additionally, this year aims to help students identify their professional aspirations by providing them with cross-disciplinary and pre-professional knowledge and skills.

The second year divides into two separate tracks, each with its own specialized curriculum. This year focuses on developing advanced theoretical expertise in the chosen field of specialization and strengthening practical experimental skills.

Both tracks involve an internship and also provide knowledge relevant to the industry.



Semester 1 of the FOQUAL track gives students the tools to:

  • Be proficient in analytical chemistry, formulation and quality seen in Master 1
  • Manage regulatory affairs and English and business knowledge
  • Pursue an internship with a company (alternation) and choose an elective for a professional specialization.


Semester 1 of the F2C track gives students the tools to:

  • Enhance their understanding of synthesis and analysis techniques previously seen in Master 1, within th context of the chemistry of aromatic and medicinal natural substances as well as their applications
  • Explore the intersection of chemistry, biology, and botany through an interdisciplinary course.
  • Familiarize themselves with project management concepts.
  • Initiate bibliographic research work related to the student's internship.
Semester 2 deepens students' knowledge and expertise gained in the first semester by learning specific techniques crucial for the chosen field of specialty.

The specialization is further emphasized with the option of choosing a "professional" pathway of "Pharmaceutical and Veterinary Industries" (IPV) or "Flavors, Perfumes, Cosmetics" (APC)
Semester 2 entails a 6-month internship in an academic or industrial laboratory (UE PPR)

Master 1: Université Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNS), Faculté des Sciences – Parc Valrose – 06108 Nice cedex
F2C Track: Université Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNS), Faculté des Sciences – Parc Valrose – 06108 Nice cedex
FOQUAL Track: Espace Jacques-Louis Lions 4 traverse Dupont, 06130 Grasse

Benoît Michel
Audrey Di Giorgio
Nicolas Baldovini
Xavier Fernandez
Master's in Molecular Chemistry
Master 1 Molecular Chemistry
Master 2 Research Fragrances & Fine Chemistry (F2C) Track
Master 2 Professional Formulation, Analysis, Quality (FOQUAL)




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