Scientific summary of the project

MIRACLE is a European project.

Early-stage non small cell lung cancer (ES-NSCLC) represents 20-30% of all NSCLC and is characterized by a high survival rate after surgery. However, there is variability in clinical outcomes among patients sharing the same disease stage, suggesting that other factors could determine the risk of relapse. Accurate and validated tools to stratify patients according to their risk of relapse are still lacking. Hypothesis: We hypothesize that multiple factors could influence the prognosis of resected ES-NSCLC patients. In particular, tumor tissue and microenvironment (TME) characteristics, liquid biopsy, radiomics features and clinical-pathological factors could all be involved. Aims: Primary: Development of a machine learning (ML) algorithm acting as a clinical decision support tool for disease free survival (DFS) prediction and patient stratification based on joint analysis of biological, clinical and radiologic features on a training cohort of resected ES-NSCLC. Secondary: Validation of the developed algorithm on an independent cohort.

Université Côte d'Azur coordinates axis 6 of the project, which focuses on ethical issues, under the leadership of Vanessa Nurock (CRHI).
More specifically, the goal is to embed in the project an "ethics by design" that operates at each stage of the project and addresses more than just its outcomes, by bringing together the ethics andpolicies of care to study various problems, focusing mainly on three questions:
• What is a doctor? The potential changes in the role of doctors with the integration of algorithms in the practice of medicine
• What is responsibility? The evolution of responsibility with these new medical practices and especially issues related to data (medical and algorithmic)
• What is a patient? The opportunities to further integrate patients and organizations into this research project from the very beginning.




Paola Ulivi, IRST-IRCCS, Italy


Felip Enriqueta, Fundacio Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron (HUVH) – Institut de Recerca (VHIR)/ Fundacio Privada Institut d’Investigacio Oncologica de Vall d’Hebron (VHIO), Spain

Mazieres Julien, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Toulouse, France

Nurock Vanessa, Université de Côte d’azur (CRHI), France

Rahm Erhard, University of Leipzig, Germany

Project reference : ERP-2021-23680708 - ERP-2021-ERAPERMED2021-MIRACLE.i


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