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Author Frédéric Brau (brau at
History 2012: First version
Limitations Works with microscopy widefield phase contrast XY+t 8,16 bits stacks of TIF images
Source Scratched_area
Installation Download Scratched_area.ijm to the plugins folder
Restart ImageJ to add the "Scratched area" command to the Plugins menu.
Description This macro is dedicated to the wound healing analysis which measures the surface colonization by cells in a kinetic experiment. It measures the cell-free surface during time. After an illumination correction, the borders of the cellular mat are detected by an edge filtering followed by a gaussian filter. After an semi-manual intensity thresholding of the cell-free surface, it is measured with an exclusion threshold corresponding to 1% of the area measured in the previous image. A plot of the surface decrease is displayed as well as superimposing of the detected/measured area on the original stack.
To try the macro with a dedicated use case : Stack_test_wound_healing